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In the new season, Manchester City focused on the defensive line and the winger position for targeted reinforcement. The teenager Ferran Torres brought from Valencia had an eye-catching performance in the first two days of the League Cup, and Ake showed even more Out of a very strong tactical execution and a flashy header technique.


However, a poorly coordinated defense of Manchester City still caused them trouble. The defeat of Fox City, three penalty kicks, one missed man, and Manchester City's defense made mistakes that they should not have at this level. What's more terrible is the uneven staffing, and Manchester City, which lacks a strong center, has paid a painful price.

但是,曼彻斯特城防守不力仍然给他们带来麻烦。福克斯城(Fox City)的失利,三罚球,一名失踪男子以及曼城的防守犯了一些错误,而他们在这个水平上是不应该的。更糟糕的是人员配置不均,缺乏强大中心的曼彻斯特城付出了惨痛的代价。

For Manchester City, the big advantage is the return of Bernardo Silva and the arrival of Dias, the defense line is set on the Poseidon, and the attack is also plugged in wings. The current shortcoming is the weak midfielder. Gundogan, who has not returned for physical reasons, is also missed at this moment. Manchester City fans who lack Gundogan know the importance of the metronome at this moment.

对于曼彻斯特城来说,最大的优势是贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)的归来和迪亚斯(Dias)的到来,防线设在波塞冬(Poseidon)上,进攻也插在了翅膀上。当前的缺点是中场实力薄弱。因身体原因未归的贡多安(Gundogan)现在也很想念。缺少Gundogan的曼城球迷现在知道节拍器的重要性。

Leeds United, which played high this season, achieved quite good results at the beginning of the league, beating Tottenham and Chelsea in sixth place, and it also gave a lot of Premier League fans unlimited imagination. Team Bamford, often dubbed Miss Bam, has shown a strong desire to prove himself in the Premier League this season. He helped Leeds score six points with a very good performance in the Premier League. New aid Rodrigo gradually entered In good times, Robin Koch also showed the temperament of a high-quality defender, and Calvin Phillips, the tactical core, is still very stable. In the new season, Leeds United insists on a full offensive and full defense style, switching 3313 and 4141 offensively and defensively, so the youth whirlwind makes the Premier League teams no headache, whether it is a big opening with the farmer or a battle with the broadsword team Breaking the ice with a sharp blade, or pulling a tooth at Anfield, are enough to prove that Leeds United have the ability to fight against various styles of teams. The new emoji Uncle Bielsa’s classic essay: I just want to kill everyone here or be Everyone here was killed. Although this sentence is mostly ridiculous, after all, Leeds United was the best defensive team in the British Championship last season. This is a fact, but it also proves Leeds United’s determination to disrupt the new season and the recognition of the outside world. Eight亚搏体育网登录 goals in three games show that After sixteen years, the white rose of Yorkshire is back.

本赛季表现出色的利兹联在联赛开始时取得了不错的成绩,击败了托特纳姆热刺和切尔西,获得了第六名,这也给了很多英超球迷无限的想象力。经常被称为Bam小姐的Bamford队表现出了强烈的愿望,希望在本赛季的英超联赛中证明自己。在英超联赛中,他以出色的表现帮助利兹获得6分。新的助教罗德里戈逐渐进入美好的时光,罗宾·科赫(Robin Koch)也表现出高素质的后卫气质,战术核心卡尔文·菲利普斯(Calvin Phillips)仍然非常稳定。在新赛季中,利兹联坚持全面进攻和全面防守风格,在进攻和防守上切换3313和4141,因此青年旋风让英超联赛球队不感到头疼,无论这是与农民的大开场还是与之抗衡大刀战队用锋利的刀刃破冰,或在安菲尔德(Anfield)拔牙,足以证明利兹联队有能力与各种风格的球队作战。新的表情符号Bielsa叔叔的经典作文:我只是想杀死这里的每亚搏体育官方平台个人,或者是杀死这里的每个人。尽管这句话简直太荒谬了,但毕竟利兹联是上赛季英国冠军联赛中最好的防守球队。这是事实,但也证明了利兹联队决心破坏新赛季并赢得外界的认可。三场比赛中的八个进球表明,十六年后,约克郡的白玫瑰又回来了。

Talk about this game. For Manchester City, if they want to break the game, perhaps Leeds United captain Cooper is a good breakthrough. The rib penetration of Manchester City's high-quality winger and wingback will give Cooper a big impact. The addition of Ruben Dias will make Manchester City's defense more back, tighter, more coordinated and more reassuring. On the other hand, Manchester City's own midfielder, without the protection of Asuka's cowhide and the rhythm control of Gundogan, the space behind Rodri will be as wide as the Xilin Gol prairie. And Leeds only needs a strong front waist to deliver ammunition in this position, and Bamford in the frontcourt can eat a round belly. Coincidentally, DePaul, Leeds has always been interested in, is such a player. Unfortunately, Leeds was unable to sign DePaul due to the high asking price of the black chicken. What's even more regrettable is that the team's main left winger Jack Harrison was unable to play for Manchester City because of the evasion clause. The Blue Moon teenager with American descent has grown into an outstanding player in Leeds United. After missing, the substitute is most likely to be North Macedonia international Ari Oski. If the excellent performance of the previous game can be continued, Dallas, partnering with Ari, will bring a lot of impact to Manchester City's right.

谈论这个游戏。对于曼城来说,如果他们想打破常规,也许利兹联队长库珀是一个很好的突破。曼城高品质边锋和后卫的肋亚搏体育官方平台骨穿透力将给库珀带来巨大影响。鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)的加入将使曼城的防守更加后退,更加紧密,更加协调并且更加令人放心。另一方面,在没有明日香的牛皮保护和贡多根节奏控制的情况下,曼城自己的中场球员,罗德里(Rodri)背后的空间将与锡林郭勒亚搏体育官方平台草原一样宽。利兹只需要一个坚固的前腰就可以在这个位置运送弹药,而前场的班福德可以吃饱肚子。巧合的是,利兹一直对DePaul感兴趣,就是这样的球员。不幸的是,由于黑鸡要价高昂,利兹无法签下DePaul。更令人遗憾的是,由于规避条款,车队的主要左翼边锋杰克·哈里森无法为曼城效力。美国血统的蓝月亮少年已成长为利兹联的杰出球员。失踪后,替代者很可能是北马其顿国脚阿里·奥斯基。如果上一亚搏体育官方平台场比赛的出色表现能够持续下去,达拉斯与阿里(Ari)合作将为曼城的权利带来巨大影响。

It is worth mentioning that the Manchester City defenders Mendy and Laporte will face their old acquaintances, it is Leeds United coach Bielsa. Their growth is inseparable from the cultivation of Bielsa. Say a happy late Teacher's Day to Bielsa for them!


Although Bielsa remains humble and does not want to admit it, he is indeed the guiding light for Manchester City coach Guardiola. Now that the master-disciple war is about to start, who of the two tactical maddeners can get down first? We will see or leave at 12:30 tonight.


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